And the groom wore white... Jack Tweed dons Oktoberfest Costume

  • Dressed in a white bra Oktoberfest Costume and women’s underpants, these pictures show Jack Tweed on the day of his wedding to Jade Goody.

    The 21-year-old swimwear manufacturer was snapped in the strange attire leaving his mother’s house this morning.

    He was joined by a friend who was also dressed in women’s underwear, as they made their way to the Down Hall Country House Hotel.

    All white: Jack Tweed leaves his mothers house this morning, dressed in womens underwear.

    Jack, who will hopefully change into something more suitable for the ceremony, looked slightly worse for wear after his stag night.

    The groom-to-be was pictured leaning out of a car, flashing his private parts as he celebrated his last night as a single man.

    Tearful moment as Jade Goody and fiancé Jack Tweed swap engagement rings .

    Jade and Jack ready for the biggest day of their lives as guests begin to arrive.lietewt587

    Jack, who is on a 7pm curfew under the terms of his release from prison, is reported to have arrived home eight minutes late last night.

    According to The News of The World, Jack rushed into to his mother’s home late after spending his day drinking with six friends and his 19-year-old brother Lewis.

    One source told the paper although Jack seemed to enjoy himself, he appeared withdrawn and quiet at times.

    The onlooker said: ‘They were certainly getting through the drinks and having lots of laughs.

    The groom-to-be holds his head in his hands as he climbs into a waiting car

    ‘Despite all the smiles you could tell Jack had something on his mind. He seemed quiet and withdrawn.’

    Jack is due before magistrates again on March 3 where he will face another assault charge.